Examining Adoption

By raising questions, providing information, and connecting you to specific resources, EYUP helps you examine these aspects of adoption:

The Adoption Process

  • Open/Semiopen Adoption
  • Closed Adoption
  • The Requirements to Be an Adoptive Parent
  • Choosing an Adoptive Family
  • Deciding How Much to Involve the Adoptive Family in the Birth Process

Shaping Your Own Adoption Experience

  • Benefits of Adoption
  • Long-Range Adoption Studies
  • Your Future Relationship with Your Child
  • Help with Expenses and Education
  • Getting Your Parents’ Backing

Adoption Agencies

  • How They Work
  • Adoption Agency Ratings
  • Independent Adoptions
  • Birth-Mother Housing Options
  • Connecting Adoptive Parents and Children of Color

Adoption Law

  • Birth-Father Rights
  • How Accessible Are Adoption Records Later
  • Adoption Legal Procedures
  • Adoption Expense Reimbursement Laws
  • Avoiding Adoption Scams

Because EYUP was not written to influence you to decide a certain way, it avoids using the words pro-adoption, pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-abortion.

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