Discovering the Author

I used the pen name Tyne Traverson until I realized it’s difficult for readers to trust authors they can’t know. Though I am a doctor, the important thing is whether what I have written rings true to your experience and thinking.

Born in Atlanta, I graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina. After getting an MD from the Medical College of Georgia, I completed a psychiatric residency at Sheppard Pratt Hospital. I’m certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and am a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Although most of my career has been spent in the private practice of psychiatry, I’ve also worked in clinic, hospital, and college settings. I’ve been a clinical assistant professor at the University of Maryland Medical School, Emory University Medical School, and the Mercer University Medical School. I didn’t rely solely in my own expertise in writing this book. I consulted gynecologists and other professionals.

I wrote Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy because I wanted you to benefit from what my patients, over the years, have taught me about unplanned pregnancy. They trusted me with their insights. They confided in me the questions they were asking themselves and their concerns about the effect their decision would have on their life and the lives of others. Their questions and the consequences they experienced have shaped this book. Besides working with women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, I have worked with their parents, single mothers, women who have had abortions, birth mothers, adoptive parents, people who have been adopted, people who have wished they had never been born, and people glad they were born. I suspect that they would all stress the need for you to think carefully about your unplanned pregnancy to make your own best decision.

The understanding people behind the book’s 78 selected resources welcomed a chance to help you. I was pleased at how willing they were to offer me advice as well. Although they may have various ideas about what you should do, they share a sincere concern for you. Because of them, this book is like the tip of an “iceberg of help” with the resources the extensive part you can’t see at first. You don’t have to experience this unplanned pregnancy alone. Reach out to them, as I did in writing this book.

My book does not try to make you decide a certain way. It’s supportive, not judgmental or intimidating. Unlike the Internet, this book can act like a safeguard to double-check that you have considered all the consequences of your decision. Its questions are essential but comprehensive. Working through this book and its resources will give you an assurance of thoroughness you might not get just from following where the Internet leads you.

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